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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Phenix Consulting BV

Phenix Consulting, a joint venture between LiNKiT Consulting and the KEY Group, specializes in the delivery of a range of SAP consultancy and implementation services from a tax, financial and control perspective.


Phenix Consulting comprises 6 partners and a team of 30 consultants all with strong, international business experience across a variety of SAP environments. The strength of Phenix Consulting is built on bringing together two businesses with different - but complementary - strengths to provide integrated business solutions for clients.

The KEY Group’s strengths lie where business control, information technology and tax come together, whereas LiNKiT Consulting has particular expertise in finance and control - specifically in business consulting, SAP implementation and the development of innovative business and software solutions.

The establishment of Phenix Consulting strengthens our position in the SAP consultancy marketplace. All of our clients benefit from the synergies realized by LiNKiT and KEY Group working together – more so than either company could provide individually.

These synergies result from our ability to exploit economies of scale, focus resources & expertise and with a critical mass that supports broader geographic delivery.

The combined resources of the two companies allow us to deploy not just experienced, talented consultants but also draw on our intellectual property & copyrights, and the strong leadership skills from both the LiNKiT and KEY Group leadership teams.

Phenix Consulting continually strives to develop innovative SAP products and broaden our product lines. Examples of our innovative products include:
  1. eBilanz Cockpit - This is a solution for the mandatory filing of the German e-tax balance and has now been successfully implemented at 60 medium-sized and multinational companies.
  2. SAF-T Filing – Across the globe many multinational companies are facing challenges in complying with the mandatory SAF-T filing requirements. SAF-T is the OECD's Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes that is being adopted as common practice for tax administrations and will be the basis for IT-based audit tools to help to combat fraud and tax evasion. We developed a lean and flexible solution which extracts relevant data directly from SAP systems and transforms the data into the XML format in compliance with the legal requirements.
  3. eBilanz Cockpit and SAF-T integration - With access to the full capabilities of the eBilanz Cockpit we are currently developing a SAF-T cockpit which will be fully integrated with SAP. It includes individual templates that satisfy the data and format requirements of each country and provides an analytical reporting library to support monitoring controls for finance and tax. This will subsequently be the basis for development of an ERP independent solution.

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