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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Increase revenues or reduce costs and expenses, so that earnings are improved

The rework and cover ups, the hours and days of wasted time in a company of people who constantly correct mistakes (unnecessary rework). The objective is to make the hidden factory visible (measure/calculate ROI) and as result returns precious time and money to the business.

It is about extra man-hours, additional costs due to rework (credit/debit notes) and retrospective corrections and/or disclosures. Example: how much rework is required before numbers received from finance systems can be used?

  • Does the process of preparing and compiling the client’s VAT return take more than 5 man days? (starting from the moment of VAT-data collection until the VAT return is approved and filed).
  • Are manual adjustments made to ERP figures before inclusion in VAT Returns?

Imagine how much you could save if the problem was completely eliminated.

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