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Friday, November 13, 2015

FTI Consulting - Global Indirect Tax Compliance

VAT and other indirect tax compliance is becoming increasingly burdensome. Many businesses now seek to outsource some or all of this burden in order to reduce cost, manage risk and free up time for the in-house finance team.
VAT compliance is an issue that affects businesses from all sectors and in particular, businesses which have numerous trading entities and branches or businesses which trade in multiple locations – in short, anyone with a large or growing number of VAT registrations.

FTI Global VAT Compliance

At FTI Global VAT Compliance we provide everything you need to successfully manage indirect tax compliance and provide a cost effective solution for:
  • VAT/GST registration
  • Indirect tax reporting - completion and submission of VAT/GST returns and supporting declarations such as Intrastat and EC Sales Lists
  • Fiscal representation

What makes us different?


  • Our team is highly experienced, having held senior indirect tax posts within the Big Four and industry.
  • We have substantial experience of on-boarding new engagements, working across the EU member states and globally.
  • We provide our services to major global businesses and are a recommended service provider for Amazon sales partners.


  • We are free from audit and assurance relationships. As a result, our clients can always be certain that we will be in a position to represent and advise them whenever required.
  • Our European Tax Advisory team is the largest tax team of its type and in addition to VAT compliance provides a full range of tax advisory services to some of the world’s largest businesses.
  • We are part of the WTS global tax network, the world’s largest independent tax network, with offices in over 100 countries.


  • Your compliance needs will be handled according to one global process using high quality, experienced staff and leading edge tax technology. This delivers complete visibility of the compliance process and enhanced management information.
  • From one central point of contact we will register you for VAT wherever necessary, put in place the process for preparing and submitting returns, and where needed, organise the transfer of funds.


  • Each client relationship is managed personally through one Global VAT Compliance partner who will provide a single point of contact and will organise the team to deliver the service you need.
  • Through our VAT management portal you will always have full visibility of the return status and will have access to archived returns and supporting documentation whenever you need them.
Henk Hop 
Senior Managing Director

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