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Monday, November 30, 2015

SAP VAT Course


The SAP VAT determination logic was developed during the 1980’s and, except for the “plants abroad” logic, SAP’s VAT determination logic has changed little. This is in stark contrast with the significant changes made to VAT rules and business models over the same period. With the aim of creating new sales markets and achieving cost savings, business activities are spread all over the world.

Cross-border chain transactions with third parties or within a company (intercompany transactions) have become the rule rather than the exception. The above means that often practical solutions have to be found within the set-up of SAP regarding indirect tax.

Phenix Consulting possesses practical experience and understands SAP's possibilities, but also its limitations and thus the capability to free up resources, reduce manual activities and manage risks.


  • Developments in the technology market - this section will elaborate on developments and trends in the technology market that have an impact on the indirect tax function of organizations. Examples include changing business models, but also developments in the approach and processes followed by tax authorities.
  • Indirect tax functionality in SAP - learn about the opportunities that standard SAP offers to support the Indirect Tax process, but also addresses the limitations of standard SAP.
  • Practical work-arounds - discussing best practice work-arounds, but also risks and opportunities of these work-arounds on quality of the indirect tax process.
  • Tax software - overview of software solutions (tax engines) available in the market including their advantages and disadvantages.
The training is interactive. Sufficient time is allocated for answering specific questions and issues that you encounter in your organization.

Our offering

We offer the following models:
  1. SAP VAT basic training - 4 hours - the following key VAT concepts and functionalities of SAP and VAT will be discussed: 
    • Standard SAP design
    • Standard VAT drivers 
    • VAT on Sale 
    • VAT on Purchases 
    • VAT on FI-Only
  2. In-depth session - in addition after interviewing and understanding your own operating business models and the design and implementation of SAP your current issues will be discussed and recommendations provided how to come to improvements
  3. Workshop - the workshop will be completely focused on your 'As Is' and how to get to the 'To Be'. We will provide insight in normative controls, practical workarounds and VAT tools available in the market (e.g. Vertex, OneSource, Meridian and Taxmarc by PwC).
For pricing please contact us. For additional info see 'When is Standard SAP (in)sufficient?'


This training focuses on the tax function, (SAP) IT staff, finance staff, sales staff and Internal Audit.

See for further detailed information


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