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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Embrace technologies and catch up: Taxmarc

Access to the right data at all times 
  • On the basis of this guarantee Taxmarc makes your data management extremely straightforward. The tax control framework checks every transaction, after which the database only saves the correct figures. Non-compliant transactions are reported in real time so that the tax department can take action immediately. It is no longer necessary to carry out a manual check of the data when making a tax return.
Integration with SAP, simple maintenance 
  • Taxmarc is a permitted add-on for SAP – the code is written where SAP allows this. The integration with SAP means that no extra interface is necessary. As a result, SAP upgrades do not lead to any problems and maintenance is straightforward. There is no need to program anything yourself. The Taxmarc implementation guide (IMG) makes it possible to adjust the configuration in line with your personal wishes.
Automatic reporting 
  • Thanks to Taxmarc’s central data management you can generate reports automatically. Examples are an automatic VAT and Intrastat return and any section of your data that you desire, without any manual effort being required. Integrated tax control framework The tax control framework in Taxmarc checks every transaction to make sure that it is permitted according to the legislation and regulations and permissible in accordance with the organisation’s own rules. Rejected transactions are reported immediately and automatically so that the tax manager can take action at an early stage and always has access to the accurate tax position.
Central data storage 
  • Taxmarc uses thirty parameters to collect all the tax data from SAP and places it in a single database. The real-time check by the integrated tax control framework guarantees high data quality. Contamination of the database by rejected transactions is a thing of the past. The central data management facilitates data analysis up to transaction level. Integration with other systems, for example with the Tax and Customs Administration, is straightforward.
All relevant data on a single screen 
  • The easy-to-use Taxmarc cockpit offers buttons to make any data report you desire, for example the total VAT position, transactions rejected by the tax control framework or country reports. Taxmarc is designed to be easy to use for tax managers and displays all the relevant data - such as tax code, VAT registrations, proof of export and import indicator - on a single screen. Thanks to the central data management, users can freely click through to goods flow details from financial and VAT data.
Global solution Taxmarc is currently operational in around 50 countries. 
  • This means that Taxmarc can determine ‘indirect tax’ for all the regions in which you are active – no matter whether this means VAT, GST, sales tax or use tax.
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